Four things about me – meme

Well, here I slouch, victim of yet another tag game (this time, Joan is the culprit. #$&*@(&$*@&(# Why me again?!? Thanks, Joan. 🙂

Four Jobs I’ve Had

Hmm… what to disclose?

receptionist for an escort service

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over

Casino Royale (the new version)
Mary Poppins

Four Places I Have Been

Athens, Greece
Bruxelles, Belgium
Rome, Italy
Venice, Italy

Four Places I Have Lived

This is going to be quite boring…

Kingston, Ontario
Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario
Riverdale, Toronto, Ontario
Forest Hill, Toronto, Ontario

Four TV Shows I Watch

Law and Order (in all its flavours)
This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Rich Mercer Report

Four People Who E-mail Me Regularly
People who think I have a penis and are SADLY mistaken

my mother

Four Favorite Foods
Again, only 4 – YOU GOTTA be kidding me!!

Pastitsio (greek lasagna)
Chicken Vindaloo
Fish and chips
Portuguese custard tarts

(I would have put four flavours of potato chips, except I don’t know that they count as food!)

Four Places I Would Rather Be

Home knitting
Bar Wellington having some pints
Home making mosaic
Anywhere but Toronto in January, essentially

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To

Winning the lottery
Becoming a world-renowned author
Becoming a world-renowned knitting designer
Going to the west coast (maybe later this year)

Four People to Tag

Although I’m bored right now, I’m really too lazy to go to the effort to tag anyone.

However, if the following people want to put this on their blog, I’d be happy:

Amy (knitandfallbackinit)
Sarah (Prairie Girl Knits)


One thought on “Four things about me – meme

  1. Anon Nymous says:

    You need to start diversifying the list of places in which you have lived! 🙂 Move to Mykonos or Lesbos and we’ll come visit!

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