ramblings and doughnuts (not necessarily in that order)

Hello all:

Well, am I ever chuffed! I just learned yesterday that Holly Ogre has bestowed an extreme honour on me – I am now the “presidente” of the Toronto Chapter of the Zombie Prom Date Knitters!

Membership (to date – I think, anyway) – one. Does this mean that I am the Master of My Domain?!?. Hmm. Anyway, if anyone is interested in this fine and upstanding group of knitting citizens, check out the Zombie Prom Date Knitters Ravelry Group!

In other news – I made a terrific book purchase yesterday:

A book about the humble doughnut!!

(I do hope, however, that the book explains within why a Canadian book spells “doughnut” in the American fashion. This when it was published by the University of Toronto press – my alma mater! At least I’ll have another reason justifying why not to donate when they keep hitting me up for $$$. And this when the current first year entrance fee to law school is something like $16,000! When I started in 1995, it was $3,500 and when I left in 1998 it was $7,000. And I thought that was too much. But I digress…)

Here’s a little info about the book:
Hmm… seems interesting. Too bad I don’t go to the Gladstone anymore since they cleared out all the rummies and jumped up the prices threefold!

But I do hope it gives a history of Tim Horton’s though – as well as an explanation of stupid statements like this one on their website:

Tim Hortons understands the importance of good nutrition and is committed to offering our customers a variety of nutritious and great tasting food choices. We continue to evolve our menu in order to meet our customer’s changing needs and desires by offering choices that can fit into a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s our coffee, fresh baked goods, or our homestyle soups and sandwiches, there is something for everyone.

Oh, donnez-moi un break, please! “Nutritious …food choices”??? Such as what – a double double? A boston cream doughnut?

It’s a doughnut shop!! Can I not go anywhere and not have healthy food choices being bashed over my head?! Bad enough that they don’t allow me to smoke when I’m chugging my extra large black coffee and small box of Timbits…

(Actually, I must confess that for quite some time I was boycotting Tim Horton’s. This is because they opened a store on the base in Kandahar – talk about captive audiences! – and as a result we all got subjected to even more war propaganda for a month. However, I am not consistent with boycotts, and recently learned, much to my surprise, that there is a whole raft of fast food joints on the base. So, I decided to relax my moral standards. The craving for a Canadian Maple doughnut had nothing to do with this choice. Really.)

Anyway, it may well be a caffeine high that provoked me to finish the front of my Gathered Pullover yesterday night:

I love this cable! And look Ma… no cable needle!!

And this with two jumbo Lobsteritas under my belt as well! Damn, I’m good!

Happy Saturday. Today we’re hitting the Danier leather outlet and looking for a new microwave. Exciting, eh? I’ve put on my shopping colours for the big expedition:

When I was wearing this cardi at work yesterday, someone told me that I looked like “a traffic cone, in a good way.” Hmm.


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