Being a good wife is not all that bad.

Well, yesterday the time had come to face reality – I was living in a complete and unmitigated pigsty. So, after a nourishing beverage and power bar for breakfast:

I tackled the living room. Doesn’t it look nice now?

I actually quite like the furniture, even though JJ picked it. I had just about forgotten what it looked like given that it is usually covered with coats, bags and JJs newspapers.

I even managed to locate the throw that is supposed to go on the couch in the winter…

(a freeform log cabin made with various Fleece Artist yarns).

And… I finally managed to get some of the stuff I’d done in the autumn out on display!!

To the top left is my Serendipity at Sunset and to the far right is my No Mirrors in My House!.

So, feeling very virtuous indeed, I traipsed off to the spare room. Remember this?

It now looks like this:

At least (for awhile, anyway) I will not face any trip hazards when going in to get my computer!

I also came across the following lost treasures:

If you haven’t read this book, go out and buy it. Akbar and Jeff are hilarious.

And a greeting card from Natalie which I had meant to frame:
In case you can’t read the bottom line, it says “Who’s going to kick your ass?” Heh. Heh.

And, speaking of knitting: here is Part 1 of the stash:

This tote (which I originally thought would be more than large enough to hold the whole stash when I bought it last year. Silly me!) contains such goodies as Rowan Calmer (11 balls), Twilley’s Denim Cotton (12 balls), Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (four skeins), Rowan ASC (about eight balls), another Rowan cotton (obtained in a swap – enough for a medium-sized sweater), all kinds of Fleece Artist and Super 10 part-balls and…

23 balls of Knitpicks Cotlin. Almost enough for the Bespoke Jacket from No Sheep For You! Does anyone have 3 balls of CotLin they’d like to gift me? Ahem, I mean, swap me for?

And here is Part 1(a) of the stash (because I can’t admit to myself that this also will not fit in the big tote):

This is what is left of a box sent to me in a swap by Natalie. The real treasure here for me is the seven blue skeins of Berocco Suede! The book has a pattern for sweaters to make out of the Twilley’s denim cotton whenever I get around to it.

But that will probably be difficult, given the beautiful promises contained within Part 2 of the stash:

(and yes, all three drawers are crammed full of yarn. Did you really need to ask?)

The first drawer holds my burgeoning Super 10 stash:

23 skeins in various colours! That, at 230 metres/251.5 yards per skein, amounts to 5.29 km or 5784.5 yards (I don’t know how many miles that is, but it must be a few!) of Super 10 – not including all of the scrap balls from other projects. Sigh. I really must stop buying it for a while.

The bottom drawer actually yielded some forgotton treasures: eight balls of this…

(Not my usual colour, but I fell in love with it back in the summertime. I was going to make the Safari from Stitch Diva with it. Now, I don’t know…)

…and six of these (plus two more in black).

This is Eden Madil DK weight bamboo. It is addictive.

And then there are 12 balls of this:

Dale Svale cotton. I can’t remember what I bought this for, even! But I love it.

In addition to this, the drawer contains Blue Sky Alpacas cotton, Needful Kelly, the Mados cotton I bought the other day, 3 skeins of Berocco Suede for a Stitch Diva cap, and a few balls of Cascade Fixation.

But now onto the real treasures: my Handmaiden/Fleece Artist drawer!

(Inexplicably here, I found this photo of myself from a time long before I even knew that yarn shops existed…
Please note that the hairstyle has not really changed in 37 years.)

Anyway, I feel the need to catalogue the Handmaiden and Fleece Artist stuff in an attempt to prevent myself from buying any more in the near future. (I suspect the landlord will not accept yarn, even luxury silk yarn, in satisfaction of the rent!)

  • Sea Silk: seven skeins (400m each) – two Ocean, two purple, two Popsicle
  • Silken: two skeins (250m each) – Sangria
  • Flaxen: two skeins (250m each) – periwinkle
  • Camelspun: two skeins (300m each) – one Monarch, one Vintage
  • Lace Silk: two skeins (600m each) – one blue/green, one pink/purple/brown
  • Mini Maiden: one skein (500m) – buttercream
  • Silk Spun: two skeins (150m each) – one blue/turquoise, one lime green

total metres: 5,700 (even more than the Super 10! Gasp!). 5.7 clicks or 3.6 miles – almost exactly the distance I travel to work every day (which takes 40 minutes by transit on a good day). I won’t calculate the cost for fear of coming down from the virtuous little high I’ve got going right now).

Fleece Artist

  • Suri Blue: two skeins (600m each) – both Burgundy
  • Italian Silk: three skeins (350m each) – two Rainforest, one moss-green (but actually chautreuse, funnily enough)
  • Rumplestilskin: one skein (600m) – Polar Sea
  • Goldielocks: one skein (500m) – Aegean

total metres = 3,350. Not quite as far as it would take me to get to Lettuce Knit, my “only on a rainy day” LYS.

Oh, and this doesn’t take into account the six skeins of Alchemy Silk, two skeins of Noro Silk Garden and two skeins of Noro Kureyon which are also currently making their home in this drawer.

So, there really is no reason for me to go near a yarn store for the next year or so, right??

Anyway, so now I feel much better and far more organized. And, I came across this photo as well, which reminded me of a happier and warmer season:

Me and JJ going on the Thousand Islands boat cruise from Kingston this past summer.

Stay warm and I do hope you enjoy your Sunday. For me, more cleaning. Argh.


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