all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

… but desperately hoping that I will actually be able to. Check out what Air Canada has to say this evening on their website:

Flights to/from Toronto, Montréal, Québec, Ottawa and Halifax

MONTRÉAL, December 16, 2007 – Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz advise that winter storm conditions are expected to cause delays and cancellations to flights on Sunday December 16 and Monday December 17.

AGHGHGGH!!!! Go figure – the first time I’m leaving the country in years and we get the first December storm in the same amount of time. Sigh. The evening news tonight said that anywhere between 60 and 90 per cent of flights leaving from Pearson were cancelled today. I’m just crossing my fingers that this discrepancy together with the evening news’ usual propensity for hyperbole means that I will in fact be winging way eastward tomorrow morning as planned.

So meanwhile, to avoid a panic attack, I’m just doublechecking to make sure I’ve got everything I need for the BIG TRIP.

First, money to get out of my country and into two other ones…

Why are different currencies different sizes, anyway?

And – here’s some proof that Canadians are more pragmatic and realistic than Brits. Viz. the Queen as depicted on the British 20:

… and on our 20:
I mean, come on! The woman is 80 years old for Goddess’ sake!!! Sheesh! Am I about to enter into La-la land??

And this reminds me: I will have to keep in mind that all this money has different values. That is to say, if I see Rowan stuff in a shop in London marked “9” I shouldn’t get excited and buy it all. The pound is worth just over double the amount of the Canadian dollar.

But I digress. Next… passports?

Check. (This photo, by the way, almost didn’t happen. JJ put his passport away safely two years ago… so safely that it took us the better part of two evenings to actually find it. Found the three previous ones easily enough though! I thought for a while that I’d be going away alone…this is almost funny now, but not quite – we were, shall I say, not amused.)

Next – umbrellas for the rain deluge promised us in London.

Guess which one is JJs and which one is mine?

And – extra smokes (just in case they’ve stopped selling them in the UK. One never does know these days). I’d better make sure I have enough for the flight…

Check. Oops. I forgot – you can’t smoke on airplanes any more (it’s been a while since I went overseas, as you can tell).

So – necessary medication for flying:

Check. And what about the insurance policy in case we run out of money halfway through the trip?


And, of course, the new cut and colour:

(This photo does not really show just how red the new ‘do actually is. Nor, thankfully, does it show the ears which have also been dyed red. Really should break out the debit card and pay Topcuts $44 to colour it for me… how about that for a resolution?!)

No offence intended, but I really do hope that this is my last blog post for awhile (and I’m sure you don’t want to hear the big ol’whine which you will get if I’m grounded for a couple of days!) I’m not sure how much opportunity I’ll get to blog while away but I will try to check in with you from time to time. If I don’t manage to – my heartiest wishes to all for a very Merry Christmas and a stellar New Year! I’ll be back on or about 5 January and will see you then!


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