more shameless consumerism

I know, I know – this is the second post today. And I still have another five or six hours of “real” work to get done in the next day and a half, together with at least six loads of laundry, packing for a three week trip and trying desperately to finish the Tilted Duster.

However, you’ll soon see why I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post.

I headed out into the blustery storm weather to get last minute errands done. To cheer myself up from standing in line at three banks and the drugstore and having trudged 20 blocks in the snow, I went and got a haircut:

A bit shorter than I had thought it would turn out – but hey. At least I won’t suffer hathead for the rest of the winter. “A la garcon”, as they call it in “the Greece” (why does every other language feel the need to bastardize French expressions? Hmm…).

I must say, however, that I am shocked at the amount of grey (which doesn’t show up too well in the photo, most of it being in weird clumps at the back). Why couldn’t I have that nice elegant salt-and-pepper look?!?

So, this necessitated another trip to the Shoppers to pick up some of this:

Pretty bold, eh? I was going to rush to dye it before JJ gets home from work (puir wee JJ, working for 12 hours on a Saturday!), but I figured he’d get enough of a shock with the crop job. He won’t be best pleased – although I don’t really think he should complain, as my hair was even shorter when I met him five years ago and that look worked just fine for him, apparently…).

Anyway, I still needed cheering up, so I headed to Knitomatic – hey, after all the yarn shopping this week already I felt I owed Haley a visit as well.

And here’s what I saw when I first got into the door:

Noro Silk Garden!!

(I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Until this week, I haven’t even thought about Noro since I made this hat with Kureyon a couple of years back!

My first ever crochet job, by the way. I then managed to promptly forget all I learned. Sigh. Anyway, about the Noro – let’s just say that Cat Bordhi has a lot to answer for!
It’s her fault that I thought about Noro again. I take no responsibility for my actions.)

But, Cat Bordhi didn’t cause me to buy this:

Rumplesilkskin, by Fleece Artist. (It is actually called “Rumplestilskin” like the guy who slept for 20 years – or was that another guy? I forget! – but I like my name better).

But really, could you have passed up this colour?!
Ahh….reminds me of the seaside in Greece. A necessary antidote for the December foulness that is the Canadian winter, in my view.

(Where on earth did Good Kristina get to? I wonder if she gave up and left early for the vacation???)

On my way to meet B. for a lovely falafel lunch, I picked up something for dinner at the Bathurst subway station:

… and some after-dinner mints.

I also managed to lose my gloves when I was out. Luckily I have another three pairs of fuschia gloves! And, on the upside, being gloveless enabled me to knit while waiting 20 minutes for the $#$@#$@$ Bathurst bus. I should note that, although I am a fearless Outlaw Knitter, I do not recommend knitting outside when it is -8 C (“feels like -15 C!!!!” Thanks, Weather Network! And for my friends in the US, this is “17.6 F feels like 5 F”) and snowing. But at least I got another repeat done on the Tilted Duster!

Unfortunately, when JJ gets home I have to make another foray into the cold – heading to the dreaded Forest Hill Loblaws to pick up dry cleaning, buy fudge and hit the LCBO. I would love to stay in and knit – but they’re calling for a huge storm tomorrow and I’m not big on shovelling myself out of the parking garage… wish me luck!)


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