Today, I must say that I’m a bit embarrassed reporting on knitting progress during my all-day legal training yesterday:

That was it. Sigh. I actually could have had many more rows done except that I managed to screw up a few rows and kept having to rip back. My excuse: I didn’t have stitch markers with me. (Doesn’t the Handmaiden Pewter sea silk look glorious, though?)

The real reason: I was too busy gossiping with colleagues and guffawing silently at certain statements the landlord side made (such as: we were pissed off because the Board dared to defer our 5% above the guideline increase rate until we made certain repairs – how dare they?!?!)

It was an interesting training day, actually. Neutrally speaking, what struck me is that the tenant advocates are quite willing to get up and say “yes, our clients screw up from time to time”, while the landlord advocates always assume the tenants have done what they allege. Which is not always the case, in my vast (and jaded, I might add) experience.

The beer session afterward was also quite informative, as always!

On the general topic of laziness as well:

(a) I seem to have developed finishitis respecting JJs vest. Sigh. I really hope to get it done early tomorrow so I can start on the Tilted Duster for ME! I will have nine days to finish it before leaving for holiday. It doesn’t seem all that likely.

(b) I’ll cut this post off here as I have four files to close (involving writing a full answer to the questions posed in each one) and another paper to finish – all before next Friday!

(I will, however, be making time for a quick trip to the LYS today. Another lawyer at the training yesterday told me about a silk/linen blend… eek!!!)

I’m sure you’ll all be heartened to know that on this day in 2003, The Conservative Party of Canada, love child of the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party, was formed.

This means that our favourite boy scout, “Presto” Manning:

… and Stock “Doris” Day:

…begat this:

Note the disappearance of the word “Progressive” from the cocktail. Can that be a positive thing from any perspective?



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