The Group of Seven still lives!!!!

Look!!!! UFOs (the ones with aliens, not the ones with yarn and sometimes needles attached which you might find stuffed into the back of the closet if you’re like me) have descended upon Toronto!!! The Group of Seven just came in on those, I swear to you (the large one must be the Mother Ship).

Er… I’m jesting, really. This is my (extremely lame, even worse than usual!) attempt to photograph the buttons I bought yesterday for JJ’s cardigan in progress. I won’t show you the photo taken without the flash because it looks like mouse dung (and, having lived in 15 apartments in Toronto since I moved here 16 years ago, I have a really good sense of what that looks like!).

Now for some (slightly) better photos: my Mason-Dixon Knitting Miniature Series. (a.k.a. the Group of Seven. I really hope I don’t get visited by seven irate male paint stained ghosts during my sleep…).

It was originally supposed to be the Group of Nine but my ADHD kicked in even sooner than usual.

All of the below were knitted using Svale Stork fingering cotton (lovely stuff, highly recommended!) and 2.5 mm doublepointed bamboo needles (no casualties – yippee!). They were then mounted on little 4″x4″ canvases. JJ will be earning his dinner tomorrow evening by putting them up during the day while I’m at work.

And here they are in clockwise order from the top right corner (how organized am I?!?)

1. Baby Nina Shawl
This is the my original modification of it – my mother’s Christmas present last year.

2. Baby Baby Moderne

Here is my full-size version of this blankie (knitted with Bernat Handicrafter yarn sometime in mid-late 2006):

I’m not big on the colours (aside from the red) but they were what were plentiful (at Zellers) and cheap. This was my first blanket and I didn’t know if I’d go the whole distance, so didn’t want to shell out big cash.

3. Baby Curve of Pursuit

This is an absolutely wonderful pattern by Pat Ashforth of Woolly Thoughts. I truly believe that everyone should try knitting one of her afghan patterns at least once. There are dozens to choose from!

This is my Baby Curve right smack dab in the centre of my large Curve.
4. Ballband Warshcloth

I have never knitted a real warshcloth. Until I knit this one, I had been firm that I never, ever would (never say never!) However, as you may recall I’ve done two high-falutin’ artistic versions: A Woman’s Work no. 1 and A Woman’s Work… #2.

5. Baby Baby Kimono

Again, I’ve never knit the full-sized version. I’m not around babies all that much – well, never. Probably a very lucky thing for them.

6. Circle of Fun

Here is the mini-version of this lovely rug.
I haven’t made it full size – although one day I think I will (I would use Brown Sheep Burly spun or Bulky rather than anything else doubled). However, I did adapt the centre pattern for my Pinwheel Blankie.
This poor blankie was cut down (or bleached) in the prime of its life by some chickenhead who lives in this building and believes it’s a good idea to put an entire bottle of Javex in during the wash cycle. I got that washing machine immediately after (and there were quite a few more casulaties, trust me). A pox on his/her head!!!

And, finally (in my inimitable “couldn’t take a good photo to save my life” fashion – this time I’m blaming the fact that it is dark these days both when I leave work and when I come home):

7. A baby log cabin square

The true colours are something between this:
…and this:

This was my first stab at this concept:

(It has been gifted to Holly Ogre together with some Smarties and Terry’s chocolate orange. Maybe if Holly’s feeling nice today she’ll post a comment linking you to the photo of the full-size version on her blog…)

… and this was my second stab at it (with Fleece Artist Curlilocks and wool slub from one of their afghan kits. I got sick of the yarnovers.)

So, that’s all, folks!!!

Oh, not quite (you didn’t think I was going to let you off the hook that easily, did you?) I know you’ll be shocked, but I did end up going back to the LYS today and acquiring the lemon yellow Super 10…

… and some in a lovely fuschia/purply colour besides. It was on deep discount, so I actually saved money!!! (yes, keep talking, Evil Kristina…).

And, in parting, I’m sure you’ll all be thrilled to learn that today marks the 17th anniversary of the resignation of the Iron Lady (now Baroness Thatcher) as Prime Minister of Britain. I’ve decided that when I grow up, I want to be a Baroness too…”Baroness Brouhaha” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?


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