bad teeth day

Well, it’s Monday again – time for me to get off my lazy @$$ and back to work.

It’s been a fairly productive weekend on the crafting front – I’ve finished knitting my Mason-Dixon Knitting miniature series (packed it in after 7). They are still waiting to be mounted.

After making the executive decision that I did not need nine miniatures, I then decided it would be a fantastic idea to make a scarf from the remaindered yarn. So I started that:

This is how far I got because I became completely bored with the scarf. I am knitting it horizontally – thus, there are about 2 milion stitches cast on to a 2.75mm 47″ long needle! See?

Whose bright idea was that again?

So – I ended up casting on for a vest for JJ that I had been putting off (after all, it’s not for me!).

This will be the Man’s Brioche Vest by Erica Alexander, found in The Best of Interweave Knits or the Winter 2003 edition of Interweave Knits mag. I could not find a full photo of it on line – even on Ravelry! Surely I can’t be the first person to make this vest!

Anyway, so far it’s a lot more fun to knit than that blasted scarf!

I also did some work on my feudalism altered book project, which is coming along nicely, and ordered a load of beads from Earthfaire.

No big news otherwise from the weekend – however, I have a little pet peeve to share. When I popped into the smoke shop yesterday to grab some smokes, I got stuck behind a woman who was dickering with the guy in the store about her own cigarette purchase. Specifically, she was insisting that she not be given a cigarette package with the
bad teeth on it. This meant that he had to rip open two other cartons of cigarettes before he could locate one, which had this label instead:
(Please note that I am not refraining from showing you the bad teeth warning because it is ugly. Rather, it is copyrighted – or so says Health Canada anyway.)

Now, I must say that I had thought all that fuss about the “bad teeth” warning had died down, although I seem to remember this being a fuss for a lot of people when they first came out with these warnings (which cover half the pack, mind you!). I ended up having quite a bit of time to ruminate over this, as – just when I thought the “say no to a bad smile” woman hauled out a sheaf of lotto forms and decided she needed 98 6/49 tickets. 98! That costs $196!! And the 6/49 draw is twice a week!

Anyway, I really don’t get the insistence on refusing to buy a pack of smokes based on the
Anti-Smoking warning label. I mean, is this how narcissistic we are as a people?

“Oh, smoking causes lung cancer. Oh well. If I continue to smoke, I’ll end up on a ventilator in hospital? Fair enough. Cigarettes have cyanide and formaldehyde in it?

Well, everyone knows it’s the tar that’s bad for you. And I’m destroying other people’s lives with my second hand smoke? That’s their problem. And what if my kids mimic me and start smoking, ensuring a tragic premature death? Well, I’ll be dead by then of lung cancer or emphysema anyway, so I won’t be around to see it.

“Hold on – you’re telling me I’m going to have an unsightly smile…?!?!!?!”

Really. It seems to me that if Health Canada were really serious about getting people to quit smoking, they would scrap all of the other warning labels and force the tobacco manufacturers to use the bad teeth warning. Or, better yet, force smokers to go and sit in a room filled with photos of people with gum disease for three or four days. I just hope that they let me know in advance so that I can start up a company to market fancy cigarette cases!!!!

Actually, when they first came out with these big photographic warnings on the smoke packs, parody labels were being sold practically everywhere, with such bon mots as “Smoking Makes You Hoark Up Brown Chunks” and “Smoking Makes You Smell Like an Ashtray”. I don’t know whatever happened to those, but it strikes me that those types of messages would be a better deterrent than the threat of lung cancer.

This, although it may appear to be a parody, is not one:

And how did you guess that this one is my personal favourite?

A very happy Monday to you… and in parting, I’ll just note that the NHL celebrates its 90th anniversary today! It started up with five Canadian teams only – the Montreal Canadiens (fondly known as “Habs” today), Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators, Quebec Bulldogs, and Toronto Arenas.


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