waste not, want not…

Well, my big culinary excitement yesterday was that I tried out a new macaroni and cheese recipe (not from either of the Presto or Romerhopf cookbooks, mind you!). It seemed a big hit with the other member of the household.

Almost, anyway…
This was JJ’s plate after finishing dinner. (don’t you love our placemats, by the way! How Martha!)

What is up with that? He couldn’t choke down that one last piece of macaroni? I mean, was he going to turn into Mr. Creosote and explode??

So, of course, I couldn’t leave this alone…

KB: What was wrong with the dinner? Why couldn’t you finish it? Did you eat too much of that fudge and spoil your appetite?! I knew I should have hidden it.

JJ: Er….

KB: I mean, you’re always telling me that you want plainer, more British food. So what do I do? I make you macaroni and cheese. How much plainer can you get?!? And homemade – too – not that frozen stuff from the President. There was not even one herb or spice in it. I had to force myself to leave the vat of oregano alone, and doctor up my own after, which doesn’t taste as good. And, how do you thank me? By leaving some. You can’t even be bothered finishing one last little piece. Next time, you’re getting KD!!!

JJ: I dropped that piece on the floor. That’s why I didn’t eat it

KB: (pause, thinking “Hmm….”)

KB: Are you suggesting that the floor in this place is so dirty that you couldn’t eat that piece of macaroni for fear of some dire kind of disease?

JJ: Well… no, but it had a bunch of that fluff from that yarn you keep flinging around here – and how do I know there wasn’t a little shard of stained glass like the one I stepped on the other day?

Hmm. Good points.

Today is Saturday, with the whole day lying ahead of me. What shall I do? Not particularly a great day to go for a walk… Hmph.

I think I’ll practice my dance routine.

That should wake JJ up…too bad I don’t have a set of conga drums, though. New Year’s present? Hmm…

Then maybe I can con him into a trip to Michaels… given the weather it might be time for him to change the door decoration! And then of course to the Irish pub next to Michael’s…

Or, I could always work on some freeform.

Yes, yes, I’m a shameless self-promoter… if you clicked the above link you’ll see that I managed to get another article published on WhipUp! It is surely only a matter of time before I become a world-renowned novelist or craft doyenne holding court on the House and Garden Channel.

(What would that show be called, anyway? Hmm. “How Not To Clean”?)

Time to plan the day’s activities. Happy Saturday! Today, it should be noted, marks the 60th anniversary of the Red Scare. Seems these days the only offensive behaviour Hollywoodites are accused of is drunken driving and shameless displays of wanton excess. Progress?


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