work craft blasts from the past and other beauties

Hello all: and happy anniversary to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, who was a former prince of Greece although he is not Greek. Go figure. I like to think of myself as a Princess of Greece, but am sad to report that they missed my respective families in the selection process for this high honour.

Now for a news flash!!! Apparently, rubber duckies
are now threatened by mass destruction and decimation!! Click (here
to see how you can help!!

And now for some craft blasts from the past. My Duty Counsel colleague Adelaide (who is the longest serving permanent Tenant Duty Counsel in Ontario and a staunch defender both of tenants’ rights and of the rights of her coworkers, has kindly agreed to model for this photo of one of my knits (which is now hers):

Doesn’t she look lovely? And isn’t that a fancy purse? (I had nothing to do with selecting her purse, I’m sad to confess.)

The knitted T-shirt she is modelling was a staff gift in honour of her 65th birthday last year (and that in itself will tell you how committed she is to tenants – still on the job every day).

It was knitted in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and is a close cousin to this top that I kept for myself:

Sideways top
Originally uploaded by BespokeByBrouhaha

Both were made from a pattern from Knitters’ Magazine, Spring 2005 edition.

Next up is a little something I’m taking to the office today to put up: a felted bulletin board!

This is a Treasure from Trash made last summer or thereabouts. I scored a (rather ugly, to my view) sweater at Goodwill, and decided to felt it and sew pieces back together as a little sewing exercise. I have put this up on the blog before (I can’t find the post for it!) but like the floating effect in this newer picture better… heh heh.

And here is some Frankensteinish detail. It’s supposed to be herringbone stitch but it turned out more like cross-stitch, unfortunately.
And some more lame sewing:


However, the end result should jazz up the office (not that it probably needs it…)

And now onto something that will never jazz up my office, courtesy of the Presto cookbook which has fascinated me so greatly over the past few days…

Now – this I have to confess I like – at least the colour. But I can never acquire a serving dish which resembles an indentured servant for my house. My leftie credentials would be shot completely. I’d probably lose my job and end up having to find my own cart to push around to collect beer and liquor bottles to pay my rent.

This, on the other hand, would be an excellent addition to my household:
I think it’s really cute. I can only hope that I will be the first one to spot it when they put it out at the Value Village. There might be bloodshed if I view it in someone else’s cart…

And now for something completely different…

A destroyed law text! While ripping it to shreds, I half expected the Law Lords of Centuries Past to throw scrolls down upon my head…

I’m now having fun plotting to deface it further. Stay tuned.

I do hope that Adelaide approves… I haven’t shared my nefarious plan with her as yet. And here is another “strike the pose!” shot…

You’ll note the fancy beautiful purse in the righthand most side of the photo, on the table. Just in case you thought I walked away with it…

And, in parting, someone far less pretty than Adelaide. I came up with Kristina’s first Photoshop item … (I downloaded a free trial last night…) which my Canadian friends might get a kick out of:

(For others, “Carmen Mulroney” is an ex-Prime Minister who has been in the news again of late because he has some questionable past associates. The Man in the Moon is our current PM, Harper).




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