Serendipity at Sunset

So, more than a year after the fact, I have finally made reality a long-standing design project idea of mine: to combine my two favourite crafts, knitting and mosaic!

I kinda like it!


– Super 10 cotton yarn: parts of 3 skeins
– 4.0 mm knitting needles and 4.0 mm crochet hook
– mosaic glass tile: black, baby’s breath and flame
– stained glass: gold, orange shades, opalised blue/green, opalised “oilslick”
– mirror
– sun and moon pieces from a disassembled mosaic piece
– 24″x36″ canvas
– tile adhesive
– grout and artist’s pigment in cadmium blue, burnt siena and cadmium red

Time Frame:
– central knitted piece completed over a year ago (design based on Tilting at Windmills by Pat Ashforth
– overall design, mosaic and assembly started 20th October 2007 and finished 21 October 2007 (approx. 8 hours in total)

Destination: living room wall


– I very much enjoyed getting back to some mosaic work, which I am more creative at than with knitting, I think. The knitting, however, has taken up my creative energies for the past couple of years.

– The sun and moon pieces were originally part of one of those (annoying sounding, to me) windchimes. The remainder of the windchime is featured in my Four Seasons piece.

– The name is all I could come up with right now. The main colourway for the piece was inspired by the paprika colourway in the knitted piece, by and large. I decided to highlight the sun and moon parts in blue to differentiate them from the sunset theme overall.

– I am not 100% sold on the combination of knitting and mosaic as yet, at least with the Super 10 yarn. Should I endeavour another such piece I would probably go with a novelty yarn which would blend in better with the shininess of the glass and tile, I think. Overall, though, I like the piece and think the colours work well together.

– I tried to spray the knitted piece with some gloss spray epoxy for cleaning and to make it a bit glossy. However, not unpredictably, the epoxy got absorbed into the yarn for the most part – this had the pleasant side effect, however, of providing some rigidity to the knitted piece.

– If any of you attempt something like this yourself, I would suggest a harder backing than canvas to provide structure for the grouting. I ended up placing a sheet of PVC in the back because the grout was cracking a bit.

If anyone has a better name for this and wish to share it with me, I’m all virtual ears!


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