(way too early in the morning – JJ just left for work and I can’t get back to sleep! So these might be well worth their title – i.e. what the cow chewed up and spit back out…).

Just sitting here snacking on my energy bar (which is a giant 85g Tootsie Roll stick. For the really healthy choice I go for those little Polish sesame snaps. I figure the nutritional value of the Tootsie Roll bar + some chewable vitamin C is roughly equivalent to that based in the standard overpriced “energy bar”, actually – if you could believe this, at one point in my university days I thought it would be a great idea to become a dietician.

My other abortive career aspirations:

– prime minister (ages 7 through 12 or so)
– regular politician (age 13)
– eye doctor (up until I was too chicken to take physics in high school)
– archaelogist (for about 2 weeks in the first year of uni, until I realised that this career choice would undoubtedly involve substantial physical labour)
– newspaper columnist (until I realised that one probably had to slog for 10 years at whatever local newspaper across the country actually had any work in order to get anywhere)
– dominatrix (which I actually did for a while – helped pay my way through law school)
– fundraiser (until a stint at a charity which shall remain nameless completely depressed and demoralised me, mostly because of the “Teamwork” posters displayed prominently around the office and on my boss’ tie clip.

So – what did I decide to do with all this panoply of choice surrounding me? Go to law school… the time honoured choice for those who have decent marks, can fare well on standardised testing and can’t really figure out what else to do).

And now – I would like to be a knitting designer when I grow up (shocking, I know!). In this regard, I have a little (probably rather lame) design idea (but it involves Handmaiden Silken, so it can’t be all bad!) which I am going to work on and try to get published somewhere. I hold out no high hopes of success, but it will be a start. Probably starting on it this morning before work.

I’m also still hacking away on the Tuscany. Have not had a lot of opportunity to work on it in the last couple of days so don’t have any significant progress to show you.

I’m starting to get very confused about which project(s) to start next. Too much in the stash, and too many wonderfully distracting pattern books hanging around. Lucky for me, perhaps, I do not do a lot of (any?) Christmas knitting. I did see a lovely brioche cardigan vest in the Best of Interweave Knits book which I will likely make for JJ instead of the 80s style Paton’s cardi I had posted some time back – just waiting for that Knitpicks box to arrive at work.

BROUHAHA’S TIP FOR LOOKING FORWARD TO GOING TO THE OFFICE: get involved in lots of yarn swaps and give your work address. You never know when you might be pleasantly surprised while sitting at the computer trying to figure out why old, long dead white men in England wearing wigs and robes are still exercising such control over your average lower-income Canadian. SIGH.

Meanwhile, I’ve cooked up a big pot of capon stock with the Thanksgiving leftovers. Avgolemono soup tonight! Yippee!! (and a veritable health tonic compared to my usual favourites). I get very excited over stock, perhaps too much so.

And – I think it will be cool enough today to give the River Rock scarf its workplace debut. With all this fanciness, I’ve been asked whether I’ve been going to job interviews! (I have a very cool workplace right now where I could likely show up in pyjamas if I actually had any – so someone wearing dress pants and a fancy sweater is an unusual sight). I do hope I don’t manage to lose the scarf… I never did get around to putting on the idiot string.

That’s enough for now, I think. Sorry I have no pretty pictures to post – I won’t make the mistake of taking my own photo at 6 a.m.! Not a pretty sight in the least.

Well, I’ve blathered on enough for now.


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