dereliction of blogging duties…

I have been unusually slack about blogging this week. Lots to do at work 😉 and didn’t have any FOs to show off.

Still don’t. However, I thought I’d show off perhaps the worst ID photo taken:

I dare you to find and send me a worse one! All the coworkers and colleagues are in agreement that it is the worst of this (typically bad) genre of photos ever. Some think that I will not be allowed to leave the country with this on my passport.

This is what happens when I try to grow out my hair!!

And now for something (hopefully) prettier: I am pleased to announce that I am almost finished the second sleeve of Intoxicating (in SWTC Oasis bamboo):

This is pre-blocking and the sleeves will require some intensive blocking according to the pattern. I have also learned that I am not as much an expert at lace as I had decided… the usual legend in my own mind after 3 past tries! Lots of frogging went into the first sleeve. The second (touch wood) is fairly uneventful.

Although this has been a great project it is suffering my lack of attention for some reason… maybe because I’m mentally preoccupied with this fabulous Alchemy yarn:

After I finish Intoxicating (hopefully today), I’m going to start the Oriel Lace blouse from the Summer 2007 IK mag.

And now, in parting, for a blast from the past. My mother is visiting us for the Thansgiving weekend and brought this sweater I had made her many years ago with her:

I am quite impressed that I managed to pull this off so long ago… I don’t know I’d have the patience today.

So – happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends, and “nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah I get to pig out all weekend on chicken, ham and salt and vinegar ruffles” to those from south of the border! 😉


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