Intoxicating – and close fitting

I did say that I wouldn’t post in progress pics… but Evil and Shameless Self Promoting Kristina has intervened.




But even the Gods have had to face hubris at some point or another! The yarns (SWTC Bamboo and Oasis, Handmaiden Sea Silk and Ella Rae Silkience) have all worked very well together.

What has not worked so well, perhaps, is Your Ever So Humble knitter trying out 4.5mm needles and 4.00mm needles, deciding on the 4.5mm and then putting those away by mistake and using the 4.0mm instead!


Having said that, a rather long bout of blocking this morning has yielded the correct length (more or…er, well, less!) and 1 inch off the body width only. So hopefully the end effect of my wearing it will not wind up somewhat less than Intoxicating due to the overt display of my…ahem… worldly goods! Or maybe I can just crank Aphrodite down a notch and schlep her wearing it around with me instead (I have seen stranger things in the public transit system of Toronto, and I doubt that the co-workers would be shocked at this point).

(I’m also not certain about the “stripe” effect in the maze pattern. However, it was the necessary result of attempting to ensure enough of all colours for the pattern, so I’ll try not to bang my head against the wall too much).

Or, maybe this is just the fates intervening and whispering – nay, shouting – to me “It’s time to make something for someone else for a change, you shameless hussy.”

So – off I trot to the LYS over the next couple of days to pick up some felting yarn for a pair of slippers for Mr. Door Decoration Designer 2007 (and 2006, and 2005!), JJ. Expected cost: $20 or so. Anticipated Time in Progress: 6 hours plus several trips to the laundry room, effing and blinding as usual when in the laundry room. Potential for slapping oneself on the back and feeling virtuous and selfless, and corresponding justification for the next two years for only thinking of myself while knitting: priceless.

Let’s not mention that if I were planning a trot over to the LYS for yarn intended for a project for Her Royal Majesty Kristina of Valleyview, the trot would most certainly not be scheduled “over the next couple of days”. Instead, HRM K would be scheming how to leave late for work today to hit the LYS when it opens and still leaving by 5.

Let’s also not mention that HRM Kristina was royally peeved last night when learning that the fuzzy yarn she had scored at the yarn swap for this purpose was actually 60% mohair and 40% acrylic. Have you ever tried to felt a mohair/acrylic blend? No? Don’t bother, unless you’re planning to dress up as an ultra-camp knight for Hallowe’en. The end result, for me, resembled electric blue chainmail. Where was I when they were designing costumers for Blackadder first series?!? Yet another missed opportunity… but I digress (quelle surprise!). Unfortunately I don’t have a photo for you as the offending swatch was tossed over the balcony into the ravine last night, where some raccoon may well choke on it, causing more bad yarn-related karma).

Oh well. Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say.


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