sheer and utter lusciousness…

…because I detest the term “yarn pron” (although really and truly that’s what this is if I take a good hard look in the mirror!)

1. Lace Silk

I, Kristina “I will never, never, ever, and I mean NEVER knit lace” B, have just acquired … get this … a skein of Handmaiden Lace Silk and TWO sets of Addi Lace needles.

The yarn looks to be in the Origin colourway although I can’t always tell.

2. Silken and… Beads!

My beads arrived today from Earthfaire much quicker than I thought they would – thanks, Ellen for the great service. Aren’t they lovely! I’m hoping to use knitting with beads as my September challenge for the Do Something New KAL… that is, if the blogmistress Tina will let me deviate from my original September challenge (learning to knit cables without a cable needle)! I’m so fickle. Either way, I plan to make the River Rock scarf by Sivia Harding in the No Sheep For You book.

Here is another container of beads I bought from Earthfaire and I like them ever better in person than I did on the website.

I’m thinking they will look very nice on the fringe for my Montego Bay scarf (says She Who Used to Detest Fringe). Fickle AND inconsistent. Hmm.

3. Sea Silk

This has been in the stash for some time now (if one can count a couple of months as “some time” in the parallel yarn universe). It is in the Ocean colourway (I think). I had originally intended to knit the Goddess top from Stitch Diva with it. However, I’ve gone off that idea and will probably make something lacy with it instead. I’m really far gone on the lace path, I think.

4. vintage Coats Crochet Cotton

I came across this when trying to impose some order on the stash. It was rescued from my yiayia’s (grandmother’s) house some time back – I originally intended to use it in needlework but am not doing any at present. It is extremely fine gauge and I don’t know whether I can use it for lace or not, but will have to find something to do with it just because I love the colour.

And then there’s all that Super 10… sigh. Far too many projects and too little time, methinks. Maybe my 6/49 numbers came up on Saturday… ?


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