rubber duckie, you’re the one…

…who gets to spend quality time with my latest knit while I’m slaving away over a pile of books and a hot computer at WORK. Grr…

Just kidding. Really. But I do wish that I could teach the duckie to knit!

This is a pattern from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby (the Scarf with the Striped Border at page 80, i.e. the easiest pattern in the book). So far so good, despite the fact that I had to frog everything that I did on the TTC this morning because I got overzealous with the YOs (and I’m shocked at the fact that I could actually look forward to anything involving YOs, quite frankly).

Yarn is Handmaiden Sea Silk (what else)?

This is the knitted border:

And here is the centre of the scarf:

Please wish me luck as my deadline for completion is Sunday at 10:00am approx. I started last evening. SIGH.


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