intoxicating all right!

The latest WIP… Intoxicating by Kristi Porter in the No Sheep For You book. Uncharacteristically (for me) more muted than the original, inspired by some lovely yarns sent to me in a swap (as a “bonus” for my birthday!) by Stitch-ay Woman (Natalie):

SWTC Bamboo

SWTC Oasis (100% soysilk)

The white yarn in the photo is Handmaiden Sea Silk, natural colour, from the stash. There will also be a secret colour, which shall remain undisplayed until the top is finished.

Really enjoying this knit so far. I must confess I didn’t swatch… but so far so good (and hopefully the Tension Sample Goddess is not about to throw some lightning bolts…! I really don’t like the smell of burning yarn [don’t ask!])


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