Kristina’s first lace!

And yet another new arrival… meet the Santorini Scarf!

Detail: Right Side

…and, last but not least… the Magical Upward Travelling Fringe!


This was knitted as part of the August challenge on the Do Something New KAL. Thanks to Tina in Wonderland for setting it up and Natalie (Stitchay Woman) for pointing me in the right direction.

Pattern: Montego Bay Scarf, Amy Singer, IK Knits Summer 2007
Yarn: Handmaiden Sea Silk, Paris colourway (I think, anyway. They don’t label the yarn), 1 skein, 100 g = 400 m
Needles: 5 mm Addi Turbo and 5.5 mm bamboo for castoff
Start Date: Monday 27 August
Finish Date: Thursday 30 August
Size: 74″ long x 6.5″ wide
Name Change: I do not have a burning desire to go to Montego Bay. I would, however, like to go to Santorini.

Notes: I would recommend this pattern for anyone who wants to try out lace knitting. I was a HUGE sceptic due to a long term hatred of yarnovers (I have converted afghan kits to log cabin blankets in past because of this).

The pattern was very simple and intuitive to follow. I only had to rip a couple of times and saw the mistakes right away – due to the larger needles it was easy to put the yarn back on the needles

My only modifications: smaller needles than the 5.5mm called for (I thought the openwork looked too big in the swatch); regular fringe instead of braided (because I’m lazy… er, innovative!).

My only problem: finding a plain white t-shirt to photograph it against (I do own white blouses, which are crumpled in the back of my closet together with the rest of my lawyer drag from business-dress days)!

Do go with this yarn if possible – it is a joy to work with! I will most certainly be making one or two of these for gifts in future…

Happy knitting! Next up for me: the Poofy Dress with Fitted Bodice from Knitting Lingerie-Style (that’s not the real name, but I’m too lazy… er, innovative, to reach across the table and grab the pattern book!)


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