Tuesday-on-the Balcony Perfect Dress – done!

And I even get to wear my red suede shoes! Now all I need is the Royal family-style wide brimmed red hat! šŸ˜‰

I *love* this dress. Although it’s 50 million degress with the humidex up here, I don’t care – I’m wearing it tomorrow to work!

Yarn: Romni (work-handy LYS) Linen – 100% linen tape (worsted weight) – 12 50g balls.
Needles: 5 mm
Pattern: Saturday-in-the-park Perfect Fitted Dress – Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel (with some adaptations) – smallest size
Time spent: 30 hours approx.
Finished length: 35″ approx.

Detail from Centre Panel:

– I really like Stefanie’s patterns but the book has quite a few errata. This pattern started off with one!
– original dress length in the pattern was 42″ (for all sizes!). This on me would come down to about mid calf, so I made adjustments to the length of both top and bottom, comparing the length to the longest dress I own šŸ˜‰
– the linen is simply lovely. It is my first time working with linen but will definetely not be my last. I was amazed at how well it blocked.

Currently on the needles: the Sahara by Stitch Diva (www.stitchdiva.com).


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