I need to get out more…

(and to stop procrastinating at work, apparently).

Here we are almost at the end of July… and I will be turning 37 in the middle of next month. It seems a convenient time to take stock of my knitting and craft work during my 37th year… all were knitted for myself unless specified otherwise.

Finished Objects
August – October 2006

– 2 Irish moss sweaters in the round (one for DH, one for me. How cute. AWWWW)
– 2 felted boxes from MDK book (housewarming gift for a friend)

October – December 2006

– Samus cardi from Knitty (for DH)
– Baby Blanket Moderne (MDK book)
– 2 felted buttonhole bags (www.masondixonknitting.com)
– 2 pairs of slippers (one for me, one for DH)
– 1 felted winter hat
– 2 non-felted winter hats
– “Slip of a Thing” felted purse (Knitty)
– “liquorice allsorts” bluky sweater in the round
– 2 scarves (one for me, one commissioned from someone at my workplace)
– “Nina” blanket (from Nina shawl pattern in MDK book, for my mother)
– felted rug
– 3 felted bowls (from One Skein book)
– 2 felted boxes (from MDK book)

January 2007 – today

– cabernet ribs sweater (IK Windter 2006)
– 2 scarves
– Curve of Pursuit blanket (www.woollythoughts.com)
– pinwheel blanket (inspired by a rug pattern in MDK book)
– 2 hats
– freeform log cabin blanket
– 1 pair of socks (1st and last!)
– Lorelei sleeveless top
– TTC tank top
– periwinkle bag with wooden handles
– “perfect sweater” (www.masondixonknitting.com)
– Tomato top (NSFY)
– “Crazed Harlequin” dress
– shaped tunic dress (inspired by Fitted Knits)
– Bacardi cardigan (NSFY)
– ribbon dress
– He Gansey (NSFY)
– Samus cardigan from Knitty (for me)
– ribbon x-back tank top (from knitty.com)

– 3 felted bags (felted from sweaters at Goodwill, with knitted/crocheted edging)
– 1 felted bulletin board (felted from a sweater from the Goodwill)
– 1 rocking chair (I painted and applied glass beads)

Started and Never to be Finished
– “advent blanket” (may try again next year… ran out of patience, then needed the yarn for the Curve of Pursuit)
– log cabin blanket (didn’t like the yarn)

Current UFOs

– Spicy Fitted V-neck top in sari silk (sleeves and neckline remaining – will finish tonight)
– Leggings with Mesh Sides (Knitting Lingerie Style)… abandoned but not for long
– 2 knitted bags (I just need to line and sew them. I should just get on with it).
– knit/mosaic wall hanging (knitting done and canvas bought. Just need to put it all together one weekend).

Phew!!! Too bad I couldn’t be so productive at work! 😉 If I’m counting correctly that is something like 45 FOs… and 3 weeks to go!

Query: do socks/slippers/etc count as 1 FO, or 2? Hmm…



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