just call me Martha…

… or Delia Smith, rather. I got How to Cook vol 3 from the library and as a result decided to make… preserves! (Shoot me now… I haven’t got a canning machine. But anyway).

So, off I trotted to Loblaws to buy a bunch of vegetables (and I don’t even LIKE vegetables!). Ah, the power of photographs.

I have already put up the following: preserved citrus fruit (I’ve done this before, and it’s not a Delia recipe… at least not one that I’ve seen). It is a bit new for me – a spin on Moroccan preserved lemons. I added orange and lime as well.

Aren’t they lovely! I’ll have to wait about 2 weeks before digging in, though.

I’ve also started the prep work for Delia’s dill cucumber pickles and for an italian veggie mix.

I have not forgotten about knitting, although I’ve taken a wee hiatus during this week. I hope to have my next FO done tomorrow or Monday – a tunic or dress, depending on how long the yarn holds out. I got a bunch of Kertzer Ranee on sale.

Also, I did pop into the LYS today. I’m going to be making the Safari with one of these lovely yarns: Svale by Danegarn (50% cotton, 40% viscose, 10% silk)

or Eden Madil (100% bamboo):

Brown? you say, scratching your head? I know, I know… but this one is not for me. (I’m amazed at myself that I’m doing two projects for other people… am I getting less selfish as I grow older? Hmm. I doubt it). The person for whom it’s intended probably would prefer the brown. I would prefer the blue. They are both lovely yarns so I don’t know yet which one I will pick.

Also coming up: a hemp tank and a sari silk t-shirt.

That is, if I don’t decide to can the entire produce section at Loblaws first… !

So many projects, so little time. šŸ˜‰


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