Tomato – finished!

Here it is! I loved knitting this and would definitely make another one. The sad look on my face is only me thinking “It’s finished already? sob” 😉


Yarn = Mission Falls 1824 Cotton
needle sizes = 4.0 mm and 4.5 mm
start date = 3 June 2007
end date = 7 June 2007

The Mission Falls was nice to work with – the resulting fabric has a pebbley sort of feel to it.

One odd “design feature” – you may see from the picture that one of the skeins appeared to be from a different dyelot. The odd part is that the dyelot was marked as the same on all my skeins. And, funnily enough, I only noticed it when I saw the photograph… it shows up a bit “in person”. Oh well.

I decided to jazz up the pattern a bit by going with a two colour chequerboard motif for the band (rather than the original, which was houndstooth), and to add that pattern to the sleeves as well. The border and neckline is also in chequerboard pattern.

So, off to work. This weekend will probably start on the Spicy Fitted Tee from Fitted Knits.



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