Julie McC tagged me!! Seven random things…

Julie McC tagged me in what I gather is a virtual chain letter (am I showing my age here? Do chain letters still exist in paper form?). So, in order to avoid bad knitting karma, I’m passing along the message -TAG – you’re it! (see below).

Please see the end of the post for the Rules.

And, if anyone else is interested (?!) please feel free to post a comment to this post with your 7 things.

Now, to see if I can come up with seven things about myself! Hmm…

1. I have a black thumb, meaning that I kill everything green and living that I touch and am banned from going anywhere near the flower boxes on the balcony!

2. I worked as an exotic dancer for 3 years to save enough money to put myself through graduate education (a cliche, I know, I know…)

3. I taught myself to knit when I was 12 because my grandmother (rest her soul) refused to teach me.

4. Being greek-canadian, I actually do break plates on occasion – to make mosaic covered furniture (see 2006 page on this blog if interested).

5. I used to smoke 3 25-packs of cigarettes a day (see #2, above). I am now down to 1 pack of 25 (Dunhills, if there is anyone else out there foolish enough to keep smoking).

6. My favourite humourist is David Sedaris, followed very closely by Rick Mercer.

7. My favourite breakfast is a toasted all-dressed bagel with peanut butter and crisp bacon. In a pinch, pretty much any other type of bagel will do unless it is fruit flavoured (I do not believe in fruit flavoured bagels).


The rules (as posted on Julie’s blog) are here:

List 7 random things about yourself on your blog.
Tag 7 others.
Leave a comment on their blog to direct them to your site to get the rules.

Probably, just like the real life tag game, there are no “tag-backs”. (Or is it “punch buggy, no punch backs…” – ah, all of these fond memories lost in the mists of time…

And… the lucky winners are… (drum roll, please…):


I suspect now I will go down from 8 readers to 1 (there is one reader with no blog). SIGH. And – my apologies if I’ve tagged someone who has already been tagged. Apparently this tag game has gone rampant and many of those I tried had already been hit.



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