Samus, redux

Here it is: based on the Samus pattern at the Knitty website:

Yarn: (body) Super 3 (Kerzner – discontinued – mercerised cotton, aran weight) – 650 g approx; (edging) Newport Pima Cotton by Classic Elite Yarns (mercerised cotton)
Notions: 5mm circular needles; 3.5mm crochet hook

I had committed some kind of sin some months back by knitting a cardigan for DH where I knew I would want to use the same pattern again for myself (see my post on 25 October 2006). So – the challenge was to make sure that the two, seen together, did not look some some cutesy “his n hers” deal. I think I’ve managed, more or less. How?

Some notes:

– when I first saw the pattern (which was knitting in roughly the same orange colour as you see above), my first thought (with no offence to the designer at all) was “Who would knit a gorgeous sweater like this in the colour of a pumpkin”? Answer (with the cold light of 20/20 hindsight): *I* would… at least if I came across a Super 10 like yarn on sale!

– I changed the cable pattern on the bottom from the original, partly in aid of avoiding the “his ‘n hers” syndrome. The pattern I used is located in the fabulous book “Cables Unlimited” by Melissa Leapman.

– the edging choice was torturous and expensive (considering that I spent only $45.00 or so on the yarn for the body). My initial thought was fuschia Super 10, then lime green. I ended up buying two skeins each of fuschia and KELLY green (the latter “by mistake”). I couldn’t find the lime green (one of my favourites) and ended up buying another scarlet coloured skein yesterday. After all that, the Super 10 did not work out well for me because the gauge (DK) was too different. AND I now have spent more on the Super 10 than I did for the original yarn! (probably just my subconscious telling me “Buy and hoard Super 10… buy and hoard Super 10…)

– re. edging: I’m also a bit sad because my ultimate choice, the Classic Elite, did not work well for the i-cord eging specified as there was not enough give and the slip stitches seemed to pop out. I was particularly peeved at this as I had wanted to do a cable I-cord edging. Oh well. I resorted to the handy old crochet needle – at which point I could not find a way to make the edging 100% even. This, I will term a “design feature”.

– there are no fasteners. I will be using this as a spring/summer light jacket and find I don’t do up my other jackets in the spring and summer anyway.

– the sweater has not been properly blocked. This is because I am lazy and impatient and hate blocking. (I must reserve any energies I have for seaming, which I also hate). I did throw the knitted pieces into the wash after finishing and steam-ironed the crocheted edging and trim. I’m sure it would look much better if blocked, but I can’t be bothered.

– the sweater was very fun to knit (as was DHs) and I would highly recommend this pattern for people relatively new to knitting who want to try out a cable pattern for the first time. The one in the actual Samus pattern is quite a bit more intricate than the one I chose, and ultimately looks better with the cardigan… but I’m happy with this one as well and it was quite a bit simpler.

Now, on to the He gansey from No Sheep and to figuring out how to convert some sale yarn (polyamide wide ribbon, Rowan Cotton Tape and Pheonix “soy silk” into cute little tank tops… I don’t know that I have enough in quantity of the latter two nor that I have the mathematical brain required to compute the stitch count for wildly different gauged yarn in the tank top patterns I have… SIGH).


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