what to do?

I wish I had never bought the No Sheep For You book by Amy Singer. Not because I don’t like it – but because I’m having a difficulty getting to work with all the great patterns. And – the stash which I had successfully started to bust is now burgeoning again.

Plus: also I am loving working on a Samus-style cardigan (Knitty website) I’m now facing the dreaded SSS (second sleeve syndrome and just want to start something else.

So – I’m posting my WIP photo of the Samus to re-invigorate myself:

Yarn: Super 3 by Kerzner (discontinued) – purple is for the i-order border and is Newport Pima Cotton (mercerised)

And with all greatest intentions, my plan was first to knit the Bacardi pattern, calling for Super 10, in order to engage in some stash busting – it’s getting to the point otherwise where I could probably open a Super10 store:

….but then I went on-line and bought Rowan cotton for the following two projects:

What’s a girl to do? Good thing I’ve got this week off work… but the danger is that I will never go back! However, no work, no money for more yarn… such a dilemma.

And, on the upside, I just rescued a 3 drawer plastic “file cabinet” from my apartment disposal which will help to contain the stash…

… but on the downside, I still have two bags to sew together and line… (I HATE this part)…



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