new acquisition

At the LYS near my work today a gentleman asked me if I was planning to knit up some pumpkins!

In fact, I was (inordinately?) excited because there was Super10 for sale (or so I thought until I got to the cash). In fact, it was something called “Super3” (which for some reason I’d never heard of – aran weight mercerised cotton) and which apparently has been discontinued. Can’t figure out why – unless it was too heavy to make decent sweaters. So, I’ll be making a bag instead (the “Scarlett Carpetbag” from Big Girl Knits, with the following accent colours (in Super 10 (DK) so we’ll see how THAT works out…)

Yeah, also acquired yesterday (at full price). Like I *needed* more super10. Oh well, it’s made in Greece and so (indirectly) was I… or that’s my excuse for this week anyway.

Now all I need to do is line my denim bag… which I have been putting off. Wish I liked sewing… I have finishing anxiety with anything involving more than seaming yarn (which actually I don’t enjoy either… but I seem to view as a necessary evil). Please wish me luck!

Oh – and I also bought “No Sheep for You” yesterday. Big mistake. I now want to make EVERYTHING in the book (minus one thing which I would probably still make for someone else…)…I need a second job at which I can knit! (just to pay for the habit…)


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