WIPs – end of Feb 2007

Well, here I am at the end of Feb. It has been a good stashbusting month (see below).

I’m now working on the following projects:

(a) Freeform Log Cabin

Another stashbuster intended to help me make use of a Fleece Artist afghan kit plus some other Fleece Artist yarn I got on sale (the afghan kit has been sitting around a bit too long – I made another one previously with a pillow:

Lovely pattern but I HATE yarnovers.

I’m interested to see how the log cabin works out. Am using 10mm needles with 12 mm needles for the bindoffs.

(b) Denim Messenger Bag

This is based on a pattern I found in “Greetings from the Knit Cafe”. Knitting all done. Just have to line with more denim and fix the strap (which I’m putting off because I am looking for plastic needlepoint canvas to put in the bottom). This was hard going as the yarn (Blue Jeans Cable) gave off dye and fibres which made me itch. The pattern had called for Rowan’s denim but I found this stuff on sale at less than half the price. Sometimes you get what you pay for… but the finished bag looks good, I think.

I also just bought a bunch of yarn (drat payday!) for two more projects: entrelac knee socks (I *must* be a masochist. So far have avoided the yarn craze but couldn’t resist this pattern in the latest INterweave Knits) and a pair of boxer shorts (using elasticated yarn).


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