Curve of Many Colours – 1st border finished!

Being a masochist, I decided to do two borders on this blanket – one log-cabin style, and one mitered. To be quite honest, I’m getting tired of this project but must finish it and the yarn I started with.

Anyway, I think it’s looking pretty good…


7 thoughts on “Curve of Many Colours – 1st border finished!

  1. mary lou says:

    I must admit, I was not sure I would like the curve of many colours, but I really do. It looks great. I like the idea of one, but the giant item seems like too much. Maybe at this time next year. (a balmy 8F -13C) It would be a good snuggle knit.

  2. kb says:

    Thanks for your comments! It has been a great “snuggle knit”… for this reason I will continue (the weather being about as balmy here as it is wherever Mary Lou is. I would NOT want to be knitting it in the warmer weather.

    If I were to do the pattern again, I would probably go two or three colours – more stark. But this was a GREAT stashbuster!

  3. jody says:

    I love it! every time I look at your latest progress I think, “I have GOT to make that!!” Thanks for sharing your photos!!

  4. Cathy says:

    That truly is the most gorgeous blanket I have EVER seen! The color combinations are amazing – you aren’t really going to let anyone use it are you? lol

  5. kb says:

    Actually, DH used it last night. It got rave reviews! (although it was tempting to laminate it and put up up on a wall or something…!)

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