fuzzy Lara hat!!!

I am very pleased with this hat, which I whipped up in about an hour and a half after an excursion to Zellers – where I saw some cheap eyelash yarn. It will go very nicely with my new winter coat (reversible with a black plush side) – although I am quite bothered about the fact that half the buttons popped off the coat first time I wore it! My attempts to re-sew were disastrous – so will just have to wear this hat tomorrow with my black leather jacket.

The pattern is from “Hip Knit Hats” by Cathy Carron. It is meant to be designed after Lara’s hat in Dr Zhivago… but I added some colour:


One thought on “fuzzy Lara hat!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I don’t think they sew buttons on properly anymore. Seems like everything I buy with buttons needs them re-sewn on. And I am not a very good seamstres!

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