compulsions, redux

The knitting seems to be getting just a wee bit out of hand. Housework suffers (doesn’t it always?), food (which I usually enjoy preparing) has become whatever I can excavate from the freezer and throw into the crockpot. Am (barely) managing to get to work in the morning – refrain from taking knitting on the (1/2 hour) commute because would risk staying on the tram and riding the rails all day.

As well, I seem to have swapped my yarn-purchasing habit (oh really? What about those 2 skeins of Cotton Fleece earlier this week?!? hmmm) for a needle fetish. In 2007 alone I have bought Denise needles and 5 (!) sets of Addi Turbo (having learned that I far prefer Addis to Denise needles). I fear I will not stop buying Addis until I end up forced to sell all of my clothing and drape myself in felted bags and blankets in order to scrape together some money to throw at the landlord in order to continue housing myself and my stash (not to mention DH!).

Did I mention, by the way, that I pay for all of my various habits by working as a tenant advocate? But I digress…

My stained glass and other mosaic tools have been moved to the storage locker to make room for the stash, which is slowly (well, not so slowly) taking over the spare room. I have swapped the pleasures of gleaming, smooth glass for the comfort of cotton and wool. Sometimes this saddens me, but I imagine the mosaic muse will strike again when least I expect it.

And then I’ll *never* leave the house…!!!



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