happy (belated)…

new year 2007!

A little progress/setback update:

– stopped working on the advent blanket because other projects beckoned (see below 26 December). Will probably take it up next year again!

– also stopped work on the log cabin below due to a frogging mishap and also inherent dislike of the yarn I was working with. Am stashing it in the storage locker for possible future rehabilitation.

– work in progress: a lovely frou frou mohair/merino sweater in hot pink… I feel like the knitting alter of Marilyn Monroe!

…and in detail…

This is a pattern from Interweave Knits Winter 2006 called “Cabernet Ribs”. Yarn by Zara. I suspect it will end up rather form-fitting (ahem)… but isn’t that what being a “sweater girl” is all about?!?

Right now have started work on sleeve 1 (in the mohair only). To be honest, this is slowgoing work for me – the first time I have worked using mohair only, and probably the last. However, I think the end result will be worth the taedium.

– another anticipated work-in-progress: a BIG blanket (to cover a queen-sized bed. It will be based on a pattern from the Woolly Thoughts web site (http://www.woollythoughts.com) but I’m not sure which one yet as I just ordered three. This project will help me cope with my ever-burgeoning Super 10 Butterfly stash…

– I have also started work on my first real “art” project… something using free form knitting/crochet. This is proving a real challenge as I have until late been a stickler for patterns! Stay tuned…

– I also have plenty of Brown Sheep worsted (in various blues) so will likely be churning out a felted bag or three in the near future.

– for Christmas a friend of mine gifted me with a funky mini shelving unit with about 40 spaces for small curios. I am going to turn this into a mosaic wall hanging with tiles. Again, stay tuned.

Lifewise (aside from knitting) I have just started a new job… a 3 month legal research gig. This is a welcome change from the hectic pace of my regular job. Also, it has the benefit of having an office located down the street from Loomis and Toles, where I spent too much money yesterday… buying graph paper for the blanket project plus any amount of sundry things for mosaic.

Everything else is low key as befits January … although I certainly am enjoying the temperate weather! Sat on a patio the other day for lunch, of all things!

And that’s about it…


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