only 27 knitting days until…

(as if anyone needed reminding!)

In case you can’t tell from the photo, this is a needlepoint. It was last year’s Christmas gift to my mother (although she didn’t get to display it till this year as it was not actually finished until early 2006). This year am going with the entirely less masochistic knitting option. (I attribute my new need for bifocals to the Santa project).

And some less seasonal needlepoints (in chedery winter-banishing colours):


3 thoughts on “only 27 knitting days until…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah – no need to remind. I have a calendar at home with the days marked off. I have a list of projects left to complete – although it is getting smaller.
    By the way – that needlepoint project is beautiful. I used to do a lot of that (including cross-stitch) before knitting found me. Cheers and happy knitting. Hannah.

  2. Bashirs_Momma says:

    I love your bottom one- it looks like a quilt!

    ACK! Only 27! Hold the presses. I’m going grinch and am cancelling Xmas this year…

    At least until I finish a few dozen scarves.

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