I’m back…

… with a new member of the Brouhaha family!

This is JJ Junior (JJ was getting worried that none of the duckies were named after him, given that he has another son from a past life, also called JJ). Isn’t he lovely?

Although he is an adoptee, he is still a very welcome member to the Family Brouhaha.

I come back from my absence with some news. Everything being equal, JJ and I be moving to a new location in the next couple of months:

I hate to say it here, but it’s a condo. I know I’ve bitched and bitched about condos – but this one was built 20 years ago before I even moved to Toronto, so I feel OK about it.

Plus… this will be the view from our balcony:

This view, coupled with being able to stop paying out some $1,600 a month to THE LANDLORD, convinced to me get into the not-so-wonderful world of homeownership. And, not to blame anyone else, but part of my absence from here in the past couple of weeks has been due to getting into the realm of dealing with banks, real estate lawyers and so forth. It is far more time consuming than I would have thought, frankly.

When we move, we will be moving close to Greektown (for Toronto denizens, our new place will be at Pottery Road and Broadview, close to the Danforth). So, I’m holding off on displaying these inheriritances (I don’t know if this is a word, but anyway)… from my father Ted’s apartment until we move:

This is a bottle of brandy, covered with a female form.  There was also a male version which looked somewhat like Takis here:

…but I’ve left that bottle in Kingston for my brother.

Here is another vintage bottle:

He went and drank all the ouzo out of it.  Probably a guid thing, as any ouzo left would probably be 200 proof and would have killed me.

And finally, my favourite, given my new avocation as half-assed chef

This is a pepper grinder from Greece.  And I love it.  I’ll wait to use it, though, until we’re in our new house.

As for knitting?  Funnily enough, I’m still not back at it.  I have been hacking away at my never-ending mosaic project… and I’m hoping to start a simple squares knitting project with my scrap yarn soon.  Amy is working on a mitered square project which I’ve found inspiring in its simplicity.

As for the two lace projects I was working on… they’re on the shelf for now, and I probably won’t start up again until after the move in late November and settling in.  Sorry to my knitter readers – my energy is focused elsewhere right now (and if you want to tune in later in the week, I’ll bore you either with work crap or political crap or both).

Hope all is well with you!