I’m baaaaaaack… and a meme!

Hey all – back in TO sweating gently in 500 degrees C/650 degrees C with the humidex weather!  Blech.  The holidays, by contrast, were fabulous.   Boring travel photos plus my Payday acquisitions while in Nova Scotia will follow tomorrow.  

This is because I have some unexpected business to attend to today because that little minx Amy, knowing I was away, tagged me for a meme. Sigh.

But actually, this one looks kind of fun as all the questions must be answered with photos. 🙂 I’m not going to tag anyone as I’m too lazy to think of five names, but if anyone wants to lift it and do it themselves, could you let me know when you’ve posted it? 🙂

Well, here goes:

1. What is your current relationship status?


2. What is your current mood?

3. What is your favorite band/singer?

4. What is your favorite movie?

5. What kind of pets do you have?

6. Where do you live?


7. Where do you work?

8. Who do you look like?

9. What do you drive?


10. What did you do Saturday?


11. What did you do Sunday?

12. What’s your favorite TV show?

13. Describe yourself.

14. What’s your favorite candy?

Well, that’s all she wrote, folks. 

Hasta manana!