I’m not subversive enough!

Hi all:

I’m posting late today out of sheer depression.  You see, I came across a list of Excellent and Subversive Blogs today on line, and mine was not one of them. 

Obviously, the author of that post just hasn’t come across my blog yet… right?!  Huh? Huh?

In other exciting news:

  • I’m working on my mysterious Project Blue which will likely soon be less mysterious as I’ve decided not to submit it for possible publication after all.  I like it, though, and will post photos tomorrow or the next day.
  • meanwhile, my Sherwood in progress has disappeared!  I think I left it at the office.  Sigh.  Today is Victoria Day, meaning that I will be drinking beer rather than going to work, so hopefully it’s there tomorrow. 
So, I’ll try to drown my sorrows at not being subversive enough in beer, and I’ll see you again tomorrow!
Happy Monday!