the downfall of my people

My 10 or so regular fans may have noticed that I’m posting today’s entry rather late in the day.  This is because I was too depressed before now to turn on my computer. 


Greece got their ass kicked by SWEDEN in yesterday’s match!  Tell me this, how can the cradle of democracy, philosophy, ancient Gods, etc possibly lose to the birthplace of virutally nothing but depressing movies and cheap crap furniture?!?

Shame, shame!

That’s right, cry, you vlakas, cry.  But pick it up by Saturday’s game or I’ll really give you something to cry about!

I mean, really.  It’s completely embarrassing.  A country with 572 (or thereabouts) local soccer teams can’t get together one decent team for the Eurocup?!  Please.

I wonder if it’s because they decided to go with a new style of soccer cleats?

I mean, Takis nearly threw himself off my living room wall, he was so freaked out!

Well, smarten up boys, and fast.  I’m sure you can return to your former state of glory by Saturday, can’t you? 

And just remember – hell hath no fury like a Hellenic woman scorned!

And if you have any doubts about that statement, just call puir wee JJ.  I’m sure he’d be glad to fill you in on the truth…!

Happy Wednesday!