my WAY subpar experience with the Simba Hybrid Pillow

Last fall, after extensive research into a new pillow that might help with shoulder pain I was experiencing, I ordered a Simba Hybrid pillow from their website. The webpage for the pillow describes it like this: “Keep a cool head with the Simba® Pillow. With space-inspired temperature regulation and adjustable height and firmness, expect sleep that’s out of this world.” 

I had many problems with this overpriced (almost $200 CDN) pillow, and wrote Simba on Nov. 18, 2021 to let them know. I was aware that they did not allow a free trial of this product, but I requested a return and refund at that point because I felt given all the promises they made on their site about this pillow that perhaps the one I’d received was defective.

Almost two months later, I’m still trying to get my money refunded [full disclosure: there was a delay of about 3 weeks as one reply they sent me asking me to send photos went into my spam folder; I don’t blame them for that]. I sent the photos as requested on Dec. 16 and have heard nothing back from them despite following up.

One of the many problems with this pillow (aside from the memory foam cubes inside bunching and sticking together like concrete): odd stains resembling pee stains for no reason. Here are the photos of the pillow I sent, showing these weird stains after less than 2 weeks’ use and with the regular use of a pillowcase.

Below is the full text of the original complaint I sent to on Nov. 18 [I’d sent a previous email asking where I could post an online review]:

Actually, on second thought, I’ll send my review to you. I’m so disappointed with this pillow, especially at the price point, that I am formally requesting to return it and get my money back regardless of your return policy. 

I do not have any special sleep needs (except that I tend to be a hot sleeper, and I sleep on my side), but I was experiencing some shoulder pain and thought a change of pillow might help. So, after a lot of research and reading reviews, I ordered this one. I’ve been using it for more than 3 weeks now and as of today, I’ve had it. 

For the first 3 or 4 days, I liked this pillow although I had to “fluff” it daily to rearrange the cubes. After that, my experience with this pillow went way downhill. With all of the cubes added, I found it provided nowhere near enough support. When sleeping, the cubes shift and create a sort of crater, meaning I have effectively no neck support with this pillow. I’ve been waking up and “fluffing” it two or three times a night (and I’m ordinarily quite a sound sleeper). 

As for the promised “temperature regulating” properties of the Stratos layer, they don’t seem to exist. Most nights in the last two weeks, I’ve woken up with night sweats despite keeping the thermostat very low at night. The only variable that has changed is this pillow. And about a week ago, I noticed that the Stratos side is starting to get stained. This, I find incomprehensible – I wash my hair every night, and I’ve always used a pillowcase which I change for a clean one every three days. So, I’m concerned about the hygiene of this pillow to boot. 

It seems to me that either that the pillow I received is defective, or you post only positive reviews and ignore negative ones. You’ll see from my account that I had gone ahead and ordered your Simba Duvet (prematurely – at that point I thought your pillow was good and was in the market for a duvet). I ended up returning the duvet unopened because I was so dissatisfied with the pillow that I did not want to take a risk at throwing more dollars into the garbage. I’m also in the market for a new mattress, by the way, but I don’t think Simba will be on my list going forward. 

I’d really appreciate it if you would allow me to return this pillow for a full refund. I would have been upset even if it had cost only $50. For the price of almost $200, I find the quality completely unacceptable, and this pillow did not live up to the promises made on your website. I actually feel embarrassed and ashamed; I feel as though I’ve been conned. 

I’ve chosen to post this together with the photos here because I seem to be getting nowhere with Simba’s customer service department. On the off chance that they did not receive my past emails attaching the photos they requested, I will email them again today providing a link to this page so they can’t claim that I didn’t follow through with this request.

Generally speaking, I expect way better customer service – and especially for items that have luxury pricing. I resent having been conned into paying $200 for a pillow that comes nowhere near to what was promised (by contrast, the pillow I ended up buying and being very happy with cost $80).

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